Monday, May 08, 2006

Free Subliminal mp3 Collection: Easy Focus And Concentration

These are special made subliminal tracks to help you focus and concentrate in your day at work. You can just play it on your computer, if your boss allows it (or use a persuasion pattern to make her agree)… I've recorded the same suggestions on all 5 mp3's, so you'd have variation of music to play throughout the day. These suggestions are directed for increasing your focus, attention and general feeling of concentration in your work. If you're unemployed, you can still use it… maybe to focus on finding a job ;-) If you're a full time student, like I am, you can play it while reviewing study materials or learning for exams. These subliminal messages are not for accelerated learning, though, but an increasing amount of focus and concentration should help a lot for your academic efforts. Other than that… Enjoy your day at work! Download Easy Focus And Concentration 1 Download Easy Focus And Concentration 2 Download Easy Focus And Concentration 3 Download Easy Focus And Concentration 4 Download Easy Focus And Concentration 5

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free Subliminal mp3: Neutralize Jealousy

Jealousy is the kind of an emotion that comes to us without expecting it really. We see an old friend that has made something with his/her life, and we get that creepy feeling… what if it could be you? We see a successful author being interviewed on TV, and we again get that feeling… what if you had finish that novel you work on for so many years? Jealousy is not a useful emotion, except when you’re willing to let it pass and teach you a bit about what you don’t like (yet) about your own life. Maybe someone else’s kids are smarter, their spouse’s looks better and treats them better, their boss would do anything to keep them and they seem healthy and full of happiness… But you can be just the same, but in your own style… not their style, but your own style of success. Your own rules and conditions for what success is and how it looks perfectly in your life. To stop comparing your life to other people’s lives, we have made this special subliminal session. Yes, it works directly with jealousy issues, those jealousy moments that are unfair to your life, times when you neglect your past successes when you think your world would be much better if you could switch places with someone… Download the free subliminal mp3: Neutralize Jealousy


Monday, May 01, 2006

Free Subliminal MP3: Letting Go Of Someone Else

By: Shlomo Vaknin, C.Ht People enter and exit our life all the time. Some of them stay longer than others, but most if not all, at one point or another, will disconnect their road from ours. Sometimes we may not want it to happen, but in many cases it is the reality - it happens. Whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, some people will drift apart. It hurts to say goodbye to someone, especially when you know it’s “forever”. It is even worst when it is someone that was really close to you. Even if you haven’t seen that person every day or every week, you felt “connected” to them in some way. The place that a person captures in your mind, not physically, but only in your mind - that place could be reserved now for someone else, who’s available to fit in there. I’m being vague here for one good reason - I don’t want you to think that this subliminal is only for letting go of a loved one, after a break up or (hopefully never) death. This is about the “lighter” side of letting go… When you have friends you wish you’d keep closer; when you have to move somewhere far away and know that you just can’t keep the flame going, even though you would come back sometime and they’ll still accept you and be thrilled to see you. You would still need to make some room for the people who are ready to enter your life and give a chance to new relationships, new friendships and new partnerships. That’s what this subliminal is for. This is not a grief therapy, this is a “hey, it’s over, GET OVER IT, now…” kind of session, but in a very indirect way. The messages we have chosen for this one are repetitive, but almost each has a different angle, a different perspective so you can concentrate on letting go and not on day dreaming… Good luck, and make some room there will you? Download here Cheers!

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Free mp3 Subliminal: Rediscover Your True Identity

It happens sometimes, that you just don’t know what is your place in the world. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but maybe just like those days in which you are really not sure if you’re on the right track or not, if you even know what is it that you truly want. This subliminal, Rediscovering Your True Identity, has no specific message. It makes it very special, because instead of suggestions, we put questions! After a few sessions of this subliminal you’ll start having insights. Kind of flashes of responses to the subliminal questions. The purpose of these questions is to guide your mind and redirect it towards the higher meaning of what you represent in your world. Rediscovering identity, it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost it or forgot it. But maybe you just want to tune it better, to make it sound more perfect to you, emotionally, and to regroup your past experiences so each and every one of them, no matter how strangely related they become, is a stepping stone on your road to leading the life you truly want. Try it, and let me know how it worked out for you. Download the Free mp3 Subliminal: Rediscover Your True Identity Cheers!

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Free Subliminal MP3: Falling Deeper Inlove

By: Shlomo Vaknin, C.Ht Attention: This is a downloadable MP3 of Falling Deeper Inlove Subliminal Session. The download link appears below. Before using this free subliminal MP3 session to fall deeper inlove with your spouse, please read the FAQ & Warning, where you can also find some useful suggestions and tips on how to get the results you seek as fast as possible. Ahh… Love. Love. Birds, butterflies, green trees, beautiful sunshine. When you are inlove, you feel like the world has given you the greatest gift of all. Your chosen one is so beautiful, so smart and so caring that you wish you haven’t met 10 years ago, at least. Such a wonderful experience… until you find out that your chosen one is only a human being with strengths and weaknesses, especially you were shocked by the latest. Now, falling deeper inlove with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, will certainly make your relationship much better. Any relationship goes through these stages: the honeymoon, like we said before, when you can’t seem to even think that your loved one has weaknesses or annoying little habits. Then comes a better stage, after your shock, which is getting accustomed to that person. Now comes the real question - for how long? If you feel that this is the person you want to be with, and that your relationship seems less than it used to, you can do something yourself to get the passion and naive romance and some of that initial spark that drove you to fall inlove with this person in the first place. That is the goal of our free subliminal - Falling Deeper Inlove. It will help you to finally accept your loved one’s weaknesses or annoying little habits, finally accept that you cannot change other people until you change yourself and start unconsciously to express that deep innocent spark you had back then. There are over 400 different suggestions in many modalities in this tape. It is a self-improvement tape (non therapeutic), meaning you can listen to it as many times and with any combination (with other subliminals) that you’d like. Enjoy. Fall deeper inlove, and please do ‘kiss and tell’ us.

Download the Free Subliminal MP3 - Falling Deeper Inlove

The music for this subliminal mp3 was created by the talented Anahanta


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Free Subliminal MP3: Daya Ingat

by: Antonio Steven Daya ingat kita tidak dipengaruhi oleh berapa umur kita sekarang. yang ada hanyalah kita begitu mempercayai bahwa daya ingat kita, entah itu mulai melemah ataupun menguat. Tidak ada satu orang pun yang dapat mempengaruhi anda tentang daya ingat anda. yang ada adalah anda meyakini apa yang akan terjadi dan sebenarnya tubuh anda merespon keyakinan anda -dalam hal ini daya ingat- kalau anda yakin daya ingat anda menguat maka secara otomatis sebenarnya hal itu sudah mulai dilakukan oleh tubuh anda, hanya bagaimana menghentikan asumsi dan pikiran negatif yang akan merusak apa yang sudah anda mulai? jadi sekarang anda tahu bagaimana untuk bertindak dalam berpikir bukan? Musik ini berisikan pesan-pesan positif yang akan membuat keyakinan anda tentang diri anda -terutama mengenai daya ingat- menjadi meningkat. dengarkan dan rasakanlah semua sugesti positif mengalir masuk ke dalam tingkat bawah sadar anda. lihat dan amati perubahan positif yang mulai terjadi. download disini daya ingat


Free Subliminal MP3: Sukses

by: Antonio Steven Sukses merupakan impian semua orang, namun pada kenyataannya hanya beberapa orang yang benar-benar merasakan dan meraih impian mereka. Sukses bukanlah suatu target akhir, melainkan sukses adalah merupakan sebuah pengalaman yang memberikan rasa puas dimana salah satu target kita telah tercapai. Sukses melahirkan sukses berikutnya. dilain pihak kegagalan bukanlah sebuah akhir, ketika kita memperlakukan kegagalan sebagai sebuah informasi -umpan balik- maka kita akan mulai melihat dan merasakan bahwa ketika satu jalan blum menghasilkan keinginan kita, maka masih ada banyak jalan lain yang tersedia bagi kita. Maka pada akhirnya kita akan benar-benar menikmati perjalanan kehidupan kita. "Kita tidak akan pernah mendapatkan apel, ketika kita menanam jeruk" ketika anda tau apa impian anda, maka untuk memulainya, musik ini akan membantu anda untuk mulai mendapatkan apa yang anda inginkan. dengan mendengarkannya, maka setiap kali bawah sadar anda akan diingatkan tentang impian anda, sukses adalah hak anda, dan kegagalan hanyalah tinggal menjadi sebuah informasi bagi anda. dan Semangat untuk memulai perubahan yang positif dalam hidup anda. Download disini


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Subliminal MP3: Public Speaking

by: Antonio Steven Salah satu dari KETAKUTAN manusia adalah TAMPIL DAN BERBICARA di depan umum. bukanlah hal yang baru apabila setiap kita mengalami hal di atas. Lalu apa yang dapat kita lakukan? ada 2 solusinya. yang pertama adalah kita biarkan saja pengalaman yang tidak mengenakkan itu menjadi bagian di dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari atau yang kedua -pilihan yang bijaksana- kita dapat mengatasi ketakutan kita dan mengubahnya demi kebaikan kita. Subliminal mp3 ini berisikan sugesti positif mengenai gambaran diri kita. dan akan membantu kita dalam mengatasi kendala-kendala kita ketika kita harus tampil di depan public. Ada baiknya anda dapat mendengarkannya berulang kali, biarkan sugesti-sugestinya meresap ke dalam bawah sadar anda, dan tanpa anda sadari, anda dapat mengamati dan merasakan perbedaan dan perubahan terhadap diri anda dan orang lain menjadi lebih positive.

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    Subliminal MP3

    Halo, Terima kasih anda telah menyempatkan waktu untuk membaca message ini.Sebelum anda mulai menggunakan Subliminal MP3 yang sebentar lagi anda dengarkan, ada baiknya terlebih dahulu melihat penjelasan berikut ini. Apa itu Subliminal message? Subliminal message adalah sinyal atau pesan yang dengan sengaja didesain melebihi batas persepsi manusia pada keadaan sadar. atau lebih dikenal dengan "Pesan Tersembunyi" contohnya bisa berupa gambar yang sengaja disisipkan dan ditayangkan hanya 1 frame per sekian milidetik.atau dalam hal ini suara yang berupa sugesti pada lagu yang bahkan sama sekali tidak terdengar ketika kita mendengarkan lagu tsb. secara sadar kita mungkin tidak melihat atau mendengarnya, namun hal yang sebaliknya terjadi dengan bawah sadar kita.semua pesan-pesan tersebut dapat ditangkap dengan baik oleh bawah sadar kita. dengan teknik ini, saya dengan sengaja menyiapkan sugesti-sugesti positif yang tentunya akan sangat membantu anda dalam meraih hal-hal yang anda inginkan dalam hidup ini, baik itu pengembangan potensi diri ataupun pencapaian target anda. *** Ada baiknya anda mengerti terlebih dahulu tentang MP3 yang akan anda dengarkan, atau anda TIDAK AKAN mendapat manfaatnya sama sekali.untuk hasil yang maksimal anda hanya perlu mendengarkannya berulang-ulang kapanpun anda inginkan. lakukan test ini, dengarkan secara konstan setiap hari baik dipagi ataupun malam hari, jika anda ingin mendengarkannya berulang kali akan lebih baik. amati perubahan-perubahan positif yang langsung terjadi dan dapat dirasakan! (hanya ketika anda memutuskan untuk melakukannya sekarang)